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What our clients are saying...

"There are really not enough words to express our gratitude to The Victoria Project for making holistic care possible during our pregnancy and the birth of our son.
Receiving funding has allowed us to cultivate a sacred community for our new family where we were able to learn, grow and thrive. The practitioners we work with are remarkable and have cared for us so deeply, it has made all the difference in our journey to parenthood".

"The support of the project reminds me that there is still a fight for gender equality and childbirth rights that we all have to keep fighting for. Thank you to the project because without their funding and support I would not have been able to have the independent, self-efficacy to make a decision for my birth experience and oversee the overall well-being of my babies and family".

"Thank you, for blessing me with the opportunity to have a autonomous birthing ceremony, which is empowering and revolutionary as a WOC. For meeting my physical, spiritual and emotional needs during my pregnancy so that I may birth thru in harmony. And supporting my transition during my postpartum recovery with the outermost care. Having my needs met has not only blessed me but has extended to my husband and children".

"Even though I was unhappy with the treatment at the OBGYN I did not have any other option than to surrender to a hospital birth that my insurance would cover due to our financial situation. Which is why your organization’s support has been the biggest blessings and we do not take any blessing lightly - specially one of this significance that effects more than just me as this will change our families narrative forever".

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