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Mother Baby Bonding

Our Values


The financial cost of holistic maternity care is a barrier to many.  Therefore, there is no income cap to be eligible for TVP funding. We trust that people will ask for what they need and that the effects of sharing resources will ripple out for the well-being of generations to come.


Individuals have the right (and responsibility) to choose how to care for themselves, free from fear, coercion and bias. Clients are encouraged to research and inform themselves about holistic care options and choose care practitioners who are aligned with and supportive of their goals and values.


The TVP Fund aims to disrupt the way holistic maternity care is paid for by sharing financial resources. The costs of holistic maternity care services are often not covered or reimbursable under most health insurance plans in the US. When these plans do reimburse, the rate is unsustainable for care providers.  This combination creates a barrier to access as well as jeopardizes the long-term availability of care.  Our Fund aims to increase accessibility AND preserve the sustainability of holistic maternity services by paying thriving rates to care practitioners.


At TVP, funding holistic maternity care is our way of investing in the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of current and future generations. We hope that all of our clients will feel nourished so that they can better care for themselves, their families and communities. TVP clients who feel moved to "pay it forward", are invited to consider sharing their story, making a pay what you can contribution to our healing fund, or encouraging others to do so.

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