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How to Invoice

Best Practices and what to include on your bill to TVP

Type of Invoice

We accept invoice(s) PER CLIENT for deposits, retainers and/or services rendered.

Type of Service

Include description of service type(s), service dates and/or itemized cost of custom packages, kit/travel fees and more.

Client Name & EDD

Please include client's full legal name and estimated due date (EDD) on the invoice. This helps us know who the service is for in our growing database. Spelling matters!

Invoice # and Issue Date

Please include accurate invoice #'s and invoice dates (created/issued), as reference. Keep in mind that Invoice date is different than invoice due date.

Invoice Due Dates

Payment due dates are issued within 14-30 days (net14) from receipt of invoice. 

Deposit invoices are accepted upon confirmation of care. If you want to submit an invoice that includes both the deposit and remaining balance, or itemized deposits on invoices due you may submit one itemized invoice that includes the deposit amount (due net14) and remaining balance amount (due at/around EDD). 

Large remaining balances for prenatal/birth care (ie. midwifery and doula services) can be due and paid at/around 36 weeks of pregnancy and/or by the client's EDD. 

Large remaining balances for postpartum care can be due and paid at/around the client’s estimated due date (EDD) and/or upon services rendered.

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