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Frequently Asked Questions


My request has been pre-approved, now what?

You will receive an introductory email from your Client Coordinator (CC), who is your point of contact with TVP. Your CC will support you in determining your needs, referrals to Holistic Practitioners (HP), and finalizing your Funding Agreement.  

Please also look out for an email from Docusign that includes our legal forms required to communicate with you about sensitive health information and payments. Should you have questions about these forms, please ask your Client Coordinator for assistance.

How much funding is available to me?

TVP offers funding packages tailored to individual needs. They start at $250 and can go up to $10,000, per client. After you have discussed your needs with your CC, we will offer you a funding package based on our current budget availability.

What holistic maternity care services does TVP fund?

Please review the full list of services here. We prioritize funding requests for midwifery care for home birth and birth center births. If you would like to work with a new practitioner not currently in our directory, we will consider adding that provider if they are aligned with our values and agree to our processes and payment terms. 

The service I need is not listed as one that qualifies for funding.  Is it worth applying?

Yes.  We want to offer what is needed.  The more requests we get for a particular service, the more likely we are to fund it in the future.

Can I update or adjust my funding request after I sign agreements?

We understand that plans change. You may contact us at any point to request additional services and/or make changes to practitioner choices or funding package.  Please note: TVP can only guarantee payment for services that have been confirmed by signature in your funding agreement.  The cost of services sought outside of this agreement will be your responsibility.

Once you sign a contract with a service provider or practitioner, certain terms may require mandatory or non-negotiable fees. TVP cannot guarantee the same amount of funding will be transferable to another service provider but we will do our best based on our budget at that time. 

What if my practitioner requires a deposit? What if I already made a payment?

We accept invoices from practitioners for initial deposits and/or retaining fees. We do not offer reimbursements for services that have already been paid.

Of note: most Holistic Practitioners, especially midwives and doulas, require a separate service contract if they work with you at any point during your pregnancy.  Please read these contracts carefully so that you are aware of any non-refundable payments.

How do I schedule appointments with my practitioners?

All scheduling of appointments is done between you and your holistic practitioner (HP). TVP does not schedule appointments.

After you have signed your funding agreement, TVP will send a confirmation email to you and your HPs.  We encouraging you to schedule your appointments and invite your practitioners to invoice for services at that time. 

I have already paid for some services, can I be reimbursed?

No. TVP does not have the capacity at this time to offer reimbursements.

How do I Pay it Forward?

Paying it forward can happen in any capacity. Examples include: Taking food to a pregnant or postpartum parent in your neighborhood.  Sharing your story either with us or in another space so more people can learn about holistic maternity care. You can also return any unused funds from your Funding Agreement, or donate directly to the TVP healing fund to support our mission.

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