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Frequently Asked Questions for Holistic Practitioners

How do I register as a new practitioner with TVP?

If a client has requested your services, we will invite you to register for payment with us by submitting a signed Collaboration Agreement, practitioner payment details and Form W-9 for IRS compliance.

You will then be considered an independent contractor with TVP and we will issue a Form - 1099 by January 31st of the following year of services rendered.

If a client has not yet requested your services but you are aligned with our Mission and would like to join TVP as a registered practitioner, please complete this form and we will contact you for consideration.

What payment methods do you offer?

Payment methods include ACH direct deposit, Check or PayPal (service fees apply).  Please note that ACH payments take 2-3 days to process, and checks can take up to 14 days to be delivered via USPS mail.

When will I receive payment?

Once a client's funding agreement is in place, you will receive a Confirmation email from a TVP representative. At that time, we invite you to submit an invoice to our accounting department. 


Payment will be issued within 30 days upon receipt of invoice AND confirmation of service with the client for non-global maternity fees.  Practitioners providing global maternity fees (Midwives, OBGYNs and Doula Packages) please see the next section for specific information about TVP payments for your comprehensive services. 


You will receive a payment remittance when funds have been issued. Payments are not made on weekends or national holidays.

Payment for Global Maternity Fees & Comprehensive Doula Services...

 We accept invoices from practitioners for initial deposits and/or retaining fees. In these cases, an itemized or second invoice is typically required for the remaining balance, due on or around 36 weeks of pregnancy. We do not offer reimbursements to clients for fees already paid.

TVP issues a 50% deposit for Global Maternity fees to midwives and home birth OBGYNs.  Doulas are invited to submit separate invoices for retainer fees. Remaining balances are issued by 36 weeks of pregnancy based on the Due Date provided by the client.

What is your payment rate for my services?

It is part of our Mission to pay thriving rates to holistic practitioners.  Our average comprehensive funding package for clients is $10,000.  These packages include a variety of services intended to address each client's individual needs.  Please follow this link for a current list of our payment rates per service. 

What is TVP liable for?

TVP provides referrals and financial assistance only. We make payments directly to practitioners on the clients behalf. The client's choice of practitioner, location of services, appointments, and any and all other provisions of care, are completely at the discretion of, and solely between, the recipients and you their chosen practitioner.

What if my client's plans change?

Please inform us in writing via email if there are any adjustments/cancellations to a client's needs before services are rendered.  TVP will assess our capacity to fund the change based on our current budget.   TVP does not take responsibility for the cost of services that are not agreed upon in writing.  

Cancelled services may require a return on unused funds. A credit may be possible if you work with us regularly. 

The client is always welcome to assume responsibility for the cost of extra services.

How do I receive client referrals?

TVP Support Team helps clients connect with holistic practitioners near their location. If you are already registered for payment with us, clients will reach out directly to confirm and initiate care with you. All clients sign a HIPAA Release Forms (PHI) that allow us to communicate with you about payment and services. You will also receive a Client Funding Confirmation email from our Support Team when funding is approved for a new client referral.

How can I Pay it Forward?

We appreciate it when practitioners pass back unused funds and, if they are able, to set up a reduced rate with our organization to further support our mission. We appreciate any fundraising efforts, collaborations or  donations to the healing fund!

Thank you for joining us to increase access to holistic maternity care.

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