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We are entering a new chapter in our ongoing journey
to make holistic maternity care, specifically access to out-of-hospital births, a truly viable option for women from all backgrounds in California.

Embarking on our next chapter 

Since 2020, we’ve been a volunteer and part-time employee led organization. After 3 years of growth and learning through providing over $3M in funding and access to holistic maternal care services for over 400 mothers, we have reached a critical inflection point in the evolution of our organization. 

Beginning May 2023, The Victoria Project will shift from making individual grants to pregnant mothers to making larger grants to organizations that are mission-aligned with TVP and supporting women seeking holistic maternity care services.


This will allow us to focus more time and resources on relationship building, fundraising and research so that we can provide care services to more mothers in the future and build an even stronger, more supportive TVP community. 

The Victoria Project is committed to bringing back direct grant making for mothers.  This temporary shift is necessary so that the next phase of TVP will be a smooth transition to serve the greatest good. 

How Can You Help?

For those of you who have been impacted by our work or believe in our Mission, please consider donating to TVP.  We appreciate financial support, AND joining the movement is just as important.  We honor your voice, time and skill set as vital contributions to move this work forward. Money is not our only currency. Please email us if you are interested in volunteering for our organization.  




Mother with Midwife

Upcoming projects and events

  • A holistic practitioner directory and map for central and southern California

  • Educational videos about holistic maternity care

  • A research study showing the data and outcomes from three years of providing access to holistic maternity care services.

  • Mark your calendars for our first ever WALKATHON this August, 2023.  This community event will be held in Los Angeles where we will be walking in honor of Rainbow Babies, those babies born after miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, termination, stillbirth or neonatal death.   More information on dates and registration opportunities coming soon. 

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